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L'BIOTICA exfoliating acid foot mask - soft feet at home on a chair

L'BIOTICA exfoliating acid foot mask - soft feet at home on a chair

The phrase "grow a thick skin" has a positive connotation in certain situations in life. Well, when we talk about our developed resistance to life's adversities, everyday problems and their painless solution. But when we look down at our worn-out feet, running those unromantic daily marathons, thick skin on our feet is not a compliment at all, is it?

And yes, it's a good thing that not one of us is blushing with our eyes downcast. Especially now, when the cold gloomy period has passed, when all our beautiful open-toed sandals lie in the mezzanines of the closets, and the subtleties of the pedicure are hidden by warm woolen socks.

But right now, when our feet become invisible, it's time to take care of their skin! We'll explain why in a moment.

L'BIOTICA exfoliating acid foot mask

Not just an aesthetic problem

It's really unpleasant when socks are hanging on the shriveled skin (not necessarily only for women), and without socks, such soles do not cause aesthetic admiration for anyone. Not only that, the extremely calloused skin on the heels can become severely cracked and painful. Such cracks are difficult to heal. The main cause of cracked heels is dry skin. It splits not only in summer, when we wear open shoes and walk barefoot, but also in winter - when the heating is on and the skin lacks moisture. The problem of dry heels worsens with age, because over the years, the skin tends to dry naturally. However, if the heels are really cracked, even white, it signals not only the lack of moisture in the body, but also the lack of vitamins and minerals. Cracked heels can be caused by skin, endocrine diseases, gastritis, diabetes, avitaminosis, as well as uncomfortable footwear. Therefore, first of all, it is important to find out the reason.

If the heels are cracking due to lack of moisture, you can start refreshing the skin. And it is precisely for such a revitalization procedure at home that L'BIOTICA's exfoliating acid mask-socks was created. Yes, you understood correctly - you just need to put on your socks and wait for the result, which will not take long to appear! Anyone who has already tried L'BIOTICA's exfoliating acid foot mask knows all the nuances well. And there are many such women (and men, by the way), because this is one of the best-selling WWW.TIESIOGGRZI.LT products - thousands a month!

Haven't tried it yet? Then you don't know what the best professional self-care foot skin care procedure is at home.

L'BIOTICA exfoliating acid foot mask

Convenience and efficiency in one

L'BIOTICA exfoliating foot mask is generously enriched with active plant acids that effectively remove the surface of calloused skin. The active plant acids contained in the mask remove the rough surface of the skin, calluses and various thickenings and calluses of the skin of the feet. In addition to its moisturizing effect, the mask also nourishes and renews the skin of the feet thanks to the urea, papaya and lemon extracts it contains. Chamomile extract gently soothes freshly exfoliated and regenerated skin. After this procedure, the feet are smooth, soft and tender. Regular use of the mask prevents excessive corns on the feet, which become an annoying problem in adulthood. After the procedure, calluses and calluses begin to shrivel after 4-10 days. During the procedure, it is not necessary to use a pumice stone, a scrub or other callus removal tools. The duration of brushing depends on the condition of the feet before the procedure - the thickness and nature of the calloused skin. In order to preserve smooth feet, it is advisable to repeat the procedure every 25-30 days.

Easy to use

Genius in simplicity! We thoroughly wash and wipe the feet, open the package, cut the socks along the specified line and put them on. For a better effect and comfort, it is recommended to wear cotton socks and you can calmly read an unfinished book or watch some "delicious" detective story. 60-90 minutes of relaxation and the procedure is complete! We remove the mask and wash its remains with warm water. At first it may appear that the mask did not work. But this is a false impression. After about a week, the surface of the feet will begin to shrivel, and for some time you will have to hide your feet in woolen socks. That's why we recommend doing this procedure in the cold season!

The result will exceed expectations! Soft, soft foot skin, no calluses or calluses. And if you pamper your feet with a restorative moisturizing foot mask - socks after the skin is finished exfoliating, it is very likely that you can unexpectedly receive an additional bonus - a foot massage...

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