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Cleopatra's hair beauty secret revealed - L'BIOTICA BIOVAX hair care line with argan, macadamia and coconut oils

Cleopatra's hair beauty secret revealed - L'BIOTICA BIOVAX hair care line with argan, macadamia and coconut oils

The great seducer of men, the beautiful Cleopatra spared nothing. Already thousands of years ago, every free minute was soaked in various exotic oils in baths, knowing how positively they affect the skin. Sometimes, while soaking in the bath, she would doze off and immerse her whole head in the warm mixture of nature's elixirs. That's how he noticed that oils have a magical effect not only on the skin, but also on the hair. Oh, how dazzlingly they began to shine in the hot Egyptian sun, became silky softness! And strands of healthy, shiny hair curled down Cleopatra's back in such a charming way that even the most jaded men in the world could not resist their charms.

Somewhere in this place where legends end, science began. This is how the new L'BIOTICA BIOVAX® hair care products appeared, which contain as many as three natural oils from different parts of the world, fundamentally reviving both hair and scalp!

L'BIOTICA BIOVAX hair care line with argan, macadamia and coconut oils | Just beautiful

Argan oil from Morocco is a vitamin E charge (550 mg/l), which protects hair from the harmful effects of free radicals and ultraviolet rays, slows down aging, gives hair shine, flexibility, and effectively smooths its surface. The argan oil (100%) contained in the products is an organic, cold-pressed, chemically unmodified product with an Ecocert certificate.

Macadamia oil from Hawaii is a rich source of oleic and palmitoleic acids (C16:1), which are rarely found in nature. These acids work harmoniously with the skin's natural lipids, thus perfectly rejuvenating the scalp - leading to proper healthy hair growth.

Coconut oil from India penetrates deep into the layers of the hair fiber and actively protects the hair from the loss of nutrients, the so-called building materials. Strengthens the structure of the hair - prevents it from breaking and guarantees a strong long-term moisturizing effect.


L'BIOTICA BIOVAX intensive restorative shampoo with argan, macadamia and coconut oil was created to give your hair natural shine, freshness and energy. It thoroughly nourishes the hair without weighing it down, protects the hair from damage.

L'BIOTICA  BIOVAX BB Beauty Benefit. 60 sec. conditioner with argan, macadamia and coconut oils hides as many as 7 useful properties! 60 seconds is enough time to instantly improve the condition of your hair. The conditioner perfectly smooths the hair, protects it from heat, moisturizes, facilitates combing, gives a dazzling shine, the hair is less prone to electrification, and it is easier to style. In just 60 seconds, the conditioner does its daily duty and quickly pampers your hair, lifting your mood just as well as a light, refreshing dessert with a cup of coffee.


To deeply restore your hair, use L'BIOTICA BIOVAX intensively restoring hair mask with argan, macadamia and coconut oils every 3-5 days. The velvet consistency mask is enriched with well-functioning valuable oils that penetrate the hair during the procedure, helping to revive and restore the hair along its entire length. For an intensive restorative and nourishing effect, put on a cap and leave the mask for 15 minutes or longer, additionally wrapping the hair with a towel to maintain a constant temperature during the procedure. Then rinse your hair carefully with cold water. After the procedure, the hair will be evenly moisturized, extremely flexible and elastic, shiny, vibrant and full of energy, protected from ultraviolet rays.

By the way, you can also buy these masks in single-use, small-quantity packages - very convenient when traveling. When it comes to rejuvenating dry, sun- and sea-weary hair in a hurry, this little single-use mask pack thrown into your suitcase at the last minute can be your super hero on vacation, no matter where in the world you end up - Morocco, Hawaii, India or Egypt! While the most important beauty of Egypt, Cleopatra thousands of years ago applied exotic oils to her hair every free minute, today's Cleopatras use L'BIOTICA BIOVAX hair care products with argan, macadamia and coconut oils.

Every day or occasionally, whether you want light care or an intensive treatment session - everyone can find their favorite L'BIOTICA BIOVAX hair care products with argan, macadamia and coconut oils for seductively shiny hair a la Cleopatra.

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